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Athletic Union

Team Durham is an official sub brand of Durham University, and as such, is the brand name of Durham University Sport.

Team Durham is a collaboration between the Department of Sport and the Student Executive, designed to provide a more cohesive, efficient and effective approach to the pursuit of excellence in the organisation and delivery of sport within the university, into the community and beyond.


To maintain Durham University’s status as one of THE leading U.K institutions for H.E. sport by:

i. Providing a platform and infrastructure for University Clubs and individual athletes who wish to aspire to and preserve their status at the elite end of the performance continuum.

ii. Seeking to develop the standard and levels of participation of inter-collegiate competition across a broad spectrum of sports.

iii. Promoting active and healthy lifestyles to staff and students with an affiliation to Durham University.

iv. Supporting the qualification and subsequent development of coaches and officials from the student body and local community.

v. Offering leadership and organisational opportunities to assist in equipping Durham University students for life beyond the H.E. sector.

vi. Establishing and developing local and international community links to:

  • Use sport, and the positive messages surrounding physical acticity, to support disadvantaged individuals from the local and international community.
  • Work in partnership with local schools to develop and add diversity to the sporting experience of school pupils and Durham University students.
  • Assist in the development of local sporting clubs and individual athletes.