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Ride to Zambia 2019

During 2019 Team Durham aim to cycle the 5000 miles between Durham and Zambia as a fundraiser for children in Lusaka, Zambia. We are cycling to build a multi-purpose sports court at Fountain of Hope Orphanage, alongside supporting the orphanage's food programme Anyone can get involved as an individual or part of a team/club – every mile matters!

Why is this fundraiser important?

The focus of our charitable work in Zambia is centred on young children who face considerable hardships in and around the capital city of Lusaka. Fountain of Hope Orphanage currently has 78 resident males and 38 resident females. In Fountain they find a safe haven from life on the streets, and some present residents have been there for over fifteen years. Fountain also has over 200 day-visitors from the streets and local compounds who go to Fountain’s non-government school - thanks to our project they are able to eat and play sport every day.

What do we do to help at Fountain of Hope?

1) Provide over 500 meals every day of the year for children and staff. Many of the staff are not paid and work for the free meals provided.

2) Maintain the cookers and ovens in the kitchen.

3) Provide many other minor items crucial to keeping a busy kitchen working. (They used to cook for 500 young people on charcoal fires outside the kitchen area.)

4) Oversee the toilet and shower areas making sure that all areas are maintained and working.

5) Re-surfacing of the netball/basketball court.

6) Maintenance the water tank, after its collapse five years ago, and ensuring thewater system works by replacing the pumps when needed.

7) Replacement mattresses for the dormitories when needed.

8) Pay for the education of some residents at Fountain.

9) Provide sports equipment for the children to play netball, basketball and football.

The money raised in our Zambia fundraisers makes a real difference to the lives of so many. Children from Fountain of Hope have gone on to make real successes of their lives and we are very proud of them all.

For more information on the charity ride and how to get involved, please email Jack Coates at . To visit our fundraising page please follow this link:

Thank you!