Goals and Values

The Goals of the Experience Durham Leadership Programme

  • Develop Durham University Student Leaders to Create Postive Change and Mazimize Their Potential
  • Inspire Durham University Students to Build Vision, Values, and Action Plans to Drive and Inspire Leadership
  • Make an Impact On Students, Teams/Societies, Futures and Communities

Experience Durham through the Leadership Programme strives to provide opportunties for intellectural, personal, cultural and social development which complements the outstanding academic offer of Durham University. The programme is aimed at assisting aspiring leaders to develop as leaders of their peers, through a supportive programme in partnership with identified accredited training providers and personal alumni mentors. Developing inspiring leaders to advance as independent, accountable learners and leaders who take advantage of the programme to achieve their personal goals and contribute to the University experience through leading their club/society, while contributing to the community in which they interact.

Key Values

  • Personal Development
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Knowledge
  • Identity
  • Talents
  • Potential
  • Human Capital
  • Quality of life
  • Dreams
  • Aspirations