Programme 2017-18

This year the programme will include

1. Introduction and Workshops

What is the culture of leadership for Experience Durham?

Delivered by Director of Experience Durham and Experience Durham Leadership Programme Manager.

2. Participation Weekend

Student leaders from Sport, Music, Theatre and Volunteering divided into mixed teams over the weekend for the Introduction to Leadership training weekend in partnership with the uniformed services and accredited leadership trainers.

3. Meeting your Personal Mentor and Networking

At the heart of the Leadership programme is a mentor/mentee relationship whereby a Durham student leader (mentee) is matched to an outstanding Durham alumnus (mentor); to the mutual benefit of both parties. Using this link with an experienced mentor, students have the opportunity to discuss the challenges of being a leader in a university context, airing problems as they arise and learning to balance the difficulties of time commitments in extra-curricular activities and academic work. They also have the opportunity to discuss future career choices with leader’s in their field. Likewise the alumni have the opportunity to both re-engage with the University and also provide a guiding hand to those who are likely to follow in their footsteps.

The evening is also an excellent networking opportunity, giving the students first hand experience speaking to senior executives and key individuals in a supportive environment, developing valuable links for their future careers and personal network, in a corporate setting.

4. Speaker Series

The programme covers various aspects of Leadership and Personal Development. These are covered through the Speaker Series talks, workshops and masterclasses.

  • Introduction to Leadership and becoming a leader
  • Team collaboration and relationships
  • Managing conflict/crisis and problem solving
  • Buidling your personal and team culture
  • What is Professional Effectiveness
  • Networking and negotiating
  • Your personal brand/signature your society/clubs brand
  • Building a team plan
Routine Performance
  • Self-awarenss and consistency
  • Independence and accountability
  • Health and mental toughness
Personal Goals as an Athlete/Musician/Thespian/Volunteer
  • What is success
  • Developing a personal plan
  • Sportsmanship
  • Self management, time management and team management
The Importance of Reflection and Support
  • Reflect on learning/experience
  • Mistakes will be made/reflection on the learning
  • Navigate challenges
  • Using reliable support for problem solving and personal support
Your Personal Progress and Career
  • CV writing
  • LinkedIn page
  • Interview preparation
  • Opportunities
  • Networking