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“ The opportunity to hear captivating talks from the fire service and Guy Richardson as well as take part in a series of challenging group tasks was such a unique opportunity that taught me a lot about leadership and teamwork but also about myself and was invaluable for my personal development. I was certainly put out of my comfort zone, not least when we had to sing and perform in front of the whole group, and shared experiences with so many people who otherwise I may not have come across in Durham. The weekend has given me a lot to think about and implement as we continue the season and look ahead to next year as well.”

Tilly Foster Women's Lacrosse Club Captain 2017/18

“ Of the many successes that can be associated with sport, music, drama and volunteering over the recent years I sincerely believe that the leadership programme is the jewel in the crown of everything that we do.”

Dr Peter Warburton Dean of Experience Durham, Durham University

“ Why I would like to be a mentor and speaker for the Experience Durham Leadership Programme? I gained a huge amount from my time in Durham particularly in representative sport and am keen to offer something back; I have been hugely impressed by several engagements I have had with some of the University's current athletes and feel development and mentoring in this area is one means by which I could contribute to the success of the future Durham Graduates.”

Rear Admiral Alex Burton Royal Navy, Mentor and Speaker for Experience Durham Leadership Academy

“ I am very grateful for the Team Durham Mentoring Scheme, as it was through this that I was introduced to Howard Veary… I remember occasions when I was finishing a job application, or making important decisions that I have been on the phone at 11pm, with Howard on the end of the line providing invaluable advise and searching the internet to provide as much help as he could. Howard encouraged me to pursue a career option that I was cautious about, and because of this, I applied for and accepted a job at Ernst and Young… A position that I am very excited about and would otherwise have let slip by.”

Sophie Davies Durham University Hockey Club Captain 2012

“ I much enjoy being a mentor for the Experience Durham Leadership Programme… The value of this scheme cuts both ways… As a mentor I have enjoyed re-engaging with Durham University through sport and through the students involved; so much so that I have to continued to be in contact with my mentees over the last 7 years. I am delighted to continue as a mentor on this excellent scheme.”
“ I rowed for the University 1st VIII, was President of DUBC and Secretary of DUAU. These were demanding roles for any student, both they gave me the courage of ambition and realisation that mistakes are the short term ingredients of long term success. In addition these roles equipped me to handle the demands of management – both people and time – and stress and pressure, thus playing an essential part in preparing me for my career.”

Jeremy Wilson Vice-Chairman Barclays Commercial Bank, Non-Exec Chairman of Bloomsbury Publishing

“ I found it really useful to be able to bounce ideas off someone external to the university who was able to give me insightful, pertinent feedback from a wider perspective… My mentor has provided me with a lot of advice about managing minor issues and has shared his experiences from his life, which have often given me solutions. In particular, he assisted me with ways to keep member of our team motivated right up to the end of the season when pressures of academic work were piling up along with the need to train in preparation for those final, vital matches. It was also good to have someone in Steve’s position to provide advise on more personal issues, such as applications for jobs and managing time to fit some work around my sport.
What was poignant for me was that I was able to develop confidence. I had to arrange calls with the CEO of McDonald’s UK and President of McDonald’s Europe. This is daunting for anyone, but Steve helped me realise he as a human being, and Alumnus, and a sporting Alumnus. He was interested in me and my progress as a person, as a captain and as a fencer and he believed in me.”

Michael Turner Fencing Captain mentored by Steve Easterbrook at the time executive Vice-President and Global Chief Brand officer for McDonalds Corp

“ Neha and I met regularly and were also in email and occasional phone contact. I helped her with a variety of things from sharpening up her CV to dealing with conflict in a work situation to talking through some leadership and management models. When she finished her degree, I offered her a couple of weeks of work experience... Neha fitted in brilliantly and did some great work in our events and case creation teams. Many of the staff she worked with commented on the quality of her work and since then she’s come back for several more days as a volunteer for us, helping out with events and other work (which, of course, she now knows much more about). It’s been great having her here and it also sets her up nicely for applying for jobs here or in other charities in future. ”

Alison Pemberton Head of Philanthropy, NSPCC

“ Throughout university, the help and guidance [from Alison] was invaluable to me- especially when dealing with tricky staff members. It was also incredibly refreshing to get an informed opinion on my CV and be able to sharpen it up to be more clear and concise. The skills you helped me build throughout the programme I have continued to develop… The NSPCC is the first 'proper' experience I've had in the Charity Sector and the work I've been given and the kindness of everyone in the department has only reinforced that this is a direction I'd like to head in the future…Breaking into the charity sector as a recent graduate is incredibly difficult and I am thankful for you going out of your way to help me. ”

Neha Tarabadkar Student Community Action President 2016/17