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Undergraduate Scholarships

Meet some of our sporting captains and Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars

Meet some of our sporting captains and Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars

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Vice-Chancellor’s Scholars demonstrate how the scholarship has benefitted them. Vice-Chancellor's Scholarships are available to those who demonstrate excellence (e.g. participation at a national or international level) in sport, music and the arts and provide a financial contribution to the successful applicants. See more at

Durham University Scholarships for Sport

This year will see an exciting new development in our Sports Scholarships programme which is designed to support outstanding students in the pursuit of the best possible university experience.

At Durham University we believe in creating an environment in which academic excellence can be combined with opportunities for personal development. One of the most rewarding ways our students further their personal development is by taking part in the wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer at Durham. Specifically, our students are amongst the most talented in the country in the field of sport. We are therefore pleased to confirm that in addition to our existing Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships for Sport we will also be offering new Weldon-le Huray Scholarships and Palatinate Scholarships for Sport.

Applications are particularly welcome from Ethnic Minority groups and candidates who come from neighbourhoods with low overall progression to higher education or high levels of socio economic deprivation.

Relationship Between The Three Potential Scholarship Opportunities

The existing Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for Sport will be complemented as our principal award mechanism by the new Weldon-le Huray Scholarships. These, in turn, will be supported by the Palatinate Scholarships.

As the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships have tended to be dominated by applicants who are able to demonstrate excellence in sport at the very highest (national) level, our Weldon-le Huray and Palatinate Scholarships are designed to offer opportunities to applicants who are competing at just below the national level.
Applicants wishing only to be considered for a Palatinate Scholarship award need only complete a Palatinate Scholarship application. However, if a prospective student chooses to apply for a Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship or a Weldon-le Huray Scholarship; then a Palatinate Scholarship application is not necessary as unsuccessful Vice Chancellor’s and Weldon-le Huray scholarship applications will automatically be considered alongside other Palatinate Scholarship applications.
Further details of these scholarships, including eligibility details and how to apply, can be found using the links below:


For further information or advice please contact Albert Potts:
Phone: +44 (0)191 334 2178