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For more info:

Rugby Fives is a form of wall ball played all over the UK. The sport is very similar to squash but played with the hands instead of using a racket. It can be played in singles or doubles format.

The Durham Rugby Fives Club regularly plays in fixtures and tournaments throughout the year. The main tournament is BUCS, which takes place in November. But students also have the opportunity to play at the U25 nationals held in Oundle, the National Finals held in Manchester, and various other regional tournaments including one held in Durham. There are also up to ten friendly fixtures against other universities and clubs in the winter and spring terms. Durham has a history of producing good rugby fives players, boasting past nation champions and a current top 10 player.

Having said that, all abilities are welcome, male or female. Most players don't normally take up the sport until they start university. Gloves and balls can be made available.

So don't worry if you've never played or even heard of fives before get in contact or come to one of our social events or practice sessions (see below for details).


Durham has two fives courts down on the Racecourse (contact for directions)


Monday 5pm-7pm

Thursday 5pm-7pm