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Duk Moo Hapkido and Kumdo Club

Club Captain: Stephen Webster


Club Website:

About: Hapkido is a fast growing Korean Martial Art containg dynamic kicks, punches, self defence and weapon techniques. The Club is relatively young, but it has grown into one of the largest, with a strong membership of varying grades and experience. Hapkido does not require great size or strength to be practiced and is a practical means of self defence for both men and women of all sizes and builds.

The club trains under the tutorship of Master Kim Beon, son of Grand Master Kim Deok In, 9th Dan. Master Kim currently holds the highest level of Hapkido in the UK as 7th Dan in Hapkido and 6th in Taekwondo. Daeman Sung, 3rd Dan and assistant instructor of Durham Hapkido Club, founded the club, but has since returned to Korea following graduation. The squad trains twice a week at the Hilde Bede East gym.