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TASS Accredited Centre

TASS aims to bridge the gap between non-funding grass roots sport and world-class sport. Therefore it is the responsibility of sporting National Governing Bodies (NGB’s) to identify their TASS athletes. This procedure is done in conjunction with higher educational institutes (HEI’s) who are also given the opportunity to nominate athletes. Individual athletes may be nominated by other agencies but the NGB must approve the application. If you feel that you would meet your sports eligibility criteria please contact your NGB for further information. The NGB’s have the final decision on TASS athlete selection.


  • Have a British passport.
  • Be undertaking a recognised education programme registered at an Institution in England. (A TASS 2012 athlete needs only to be undertaking an education programme at a recognised education institution).
  • Be able to represent either the Great Britain or English representative team in their chosen sport.
  • Current world-class funded athletes – Podium, Development, and Talent cannot receive additional funding from TASS.

Timescale of Awards

A TASS award is made annually and runs from the 1st October to the 30th September. An athlete can continue to receive annual awards as long as they meet both the sport and TASS eligibility criteria.

Athletes must sign a TASS contract for the term of the award. Athletes can be removed from the scheme if they breach any of the terms and conditions of the contract or if they progress into a higher performance programme within their sport.

The terms of the contract are set out to help the athlete maximise the services and facilities provide for them to fully develop as an athlete and student.

Provision of Support

Athletes do not directly receive any financial award. They will access sporting services through HEI's or their NGB.

Current Athletes

Team Durham currently have 6 students on the TASS programme:

Sophie Szyszko - Volleyball

Cordelia Griffiths - Cricket

Dom Beesley - Tennis

Jen Ren - Tennis

Jonathan Binding - Tennis

Elizabeth Hepple - Football