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Student Volunteering and coaching

At Durham University we understand the many benifits to student development that volunteering can offer. To name but a few:

  • Develop transferable skills for any future employment (useful for C.V.s and job interviews)
  • Enhance a coaching portfolio and experience
  • Work with a broad range of participants
  • Establish connections with local, regional and national bodies within a sport
  • Inspire others and share their sporting passion
  • Expand career awareness
  • Be part of a fun and rewarding project

We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities that are tailored to suit our students busy timetables. Team Durham host school and community sporting events throughout the year, weekly Junior coaching sessions, sports sessions for local schools and activities for community groups. These opportunities are available for all Durham University students, regardless of course or sporting ability. Volunteers can choose a number of ways in which they get involved, coach, lead, organise, manage, coordinate or simply come along, join in and encourage our participants.

All volunteers are provided with appropriate training for their specific role and may be sign-posted to other development opportunities where relevant. Volunteers who have performed exceptionally are recognised through our ‘Volunteer of the Month’ and ‘Volunteer of the Year’ Awards.

If you are interested in volunteering in a particular project, event or have ideas of your own please email

"University is as much about the experience as the academic pursuits, and this has really broadened my Durham experience. It is so rewarding to see the people we help improve and respond to me as a coach and mentor."

Emma-Jane Cowey, Student volunteer

"I wish to be a consultant in my career, and developing my ability to coach other people helps me in pursuit of this goal. The voluntary opportunities the department have given me means learning skills I can use throughout my life. It has also given me the chance to take me F.A. Level 1 Badge, enabling me to coach football in the future."

Greg Weegenaar, Student Volunteer.

Coaching Opportunities:

Team Durham Community has a number of coaching opportunities available throughout the year. During school holidays we deliver a number of holiday camps which is fully staffed by Durham students, there is usually an application and interview process for this. We have additional opportunities arise throughout the year through our links with the local community. To register yourself as a qualified coach please email